Marriage counseling

Marriage counseling to save your marriage from divorce. Marriage counseling to help couples understand each other, rebuild a stronger & happier marriage. Understand the root causes of your marital problems & find ways to resolve them. Marriage counseling to help you bring back the love, intimacy & mutual understanding.

Get in touch with Dr Salim at +27782644071 or for marriage counseling to save your marriage by spiritually binding couples together, improve communication & recreate a strong attachment bond of love. We believe in holistic marriage counseling that deals with the spiritual and emotional issues in your marriage

Marriage counseling to help you become the best of friends with your spouse, heal old wounds, recover from infidelity, rebuild trust, respect & sexual intimacy. Marriage counseling to improve a couple's conflict resolution skills & help you fall back in love with each other again

    Key focus of our spiritual marriage counseling sessions

  • Rebuild trust & mutual respect
  • Bring back the bond of love & intimacy
  • Recreate a spiritual connect of mutual understanding
  • Improve communication

Why marriage counseling

Why marriage counseling

50% of first marriages end up in divorce. 70% of second marriages end up in divorce?

Divorce will breakup a family and cause unimaginable anguish and pain to your children

Marriage counseling is one of the best ways to help couples save their marriage from divorce & reconnect

Spiritual marriage counseling will help you decide if your marriage can be saved

Do you need marriage counseling

How to know if you need marriage counseling

Are you having problems communicating with your spouse? Are you constantly fighting and arguing?

Do you have a unmet emotional & intimacy needs with your partner? You need marriage counseling!

Have you or your partner cheated, but you still want to make your marriage work?

Do you feel a disconnect from your spouse? Are you unsure on how to resolve your differences?

How marriage counseling works

How marriage counseling works

Marriage counseling works by helping couples communicate their thoughts ad feelings about each other & their marriage

This the basis for couples reaching the stage of mutual care & concern so that they can work for the common good.

Marriage counseling will help a couple understand the root causes of the marital problems & how to resolve issues

Start the spiritual journey of reconnecting & rebuilding a long lasting & happy marriage with the spouse of your choice